Saturday, January 31, 2009

Angel Food Ministries

I was snooping around in other peoples' blogs today and came across Angel Food Ministries, a food ministry that I'd forgotten about, but had actually used several times years ago and have passed on this information to many people. It's a great deal, so pass it on . . .

I pretty much copied from another post . . . but this is what you get:

Regular Box
1.5 lb. Sirloin Strip Steaks (4 x 6 oz.)
2 lb. Tray Pack Chicken Breast
1 lb. Boneless Pork Chops
2 lb. Breaded Chicken Nuggets
28 oz. Salisbury Steak EntreƩ
12 oz. Sliced Bacon
1 lb. All-Meat Hot Dog
1 lb. Stir Fry (Broccoli, Red Peppers & Onions)
1 lb. Carrots
10 oz. Peanut Butter
32 oz. 2% Shelf Stable Milk
35 oz. Crinkle-Cut Fries
7.25 oz. Mac ‘n Cheese
1 lb. Rice
1 lb. Bean Soup Mix
Dozen Eggs

And there are other boxes that you can add on! Don’t miss this great opportunity to buy in a co-op! Here is what the location I pick mine up from has to say about AFM:
Angel Food Ministries only sells food that is the same high quality that you would purchase at the grocery store – its not damaged or outdated food. In each box there are both fresh and frozen items with an average retail of $60 – you will be able to purchase a box for only $30. There is no limit to the number of boxes that can be purchased and there are no applications or qualifications. The last day to order for February is Monday, February 16th and the pick up date is Saturday, February 28th.
Get your box…check out

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Found it!!!

I get so mad at myself when I don't save links. Well . . . I don't even remember now where I found it, but I came across this link: Absolutely beautiful work, and absolutely beautiful pictures. I still can't figure out where this girl is from, but clearly she's European (although I thought I saw KY in one of her pictures. So . . . Europe or Kentucky. :o)

Take a look at her stuff if you have a minute. Really a treat.

Note to self: Check out the blog before you write your own blog. She's British . . .

Nice . . .

Today started slow, but ended ok. The ice put everything on hold, but I went to the dr. to have my minor surgery--it went well. The shot to deaden the pain was the worst!! Geez. Got there at 1:30, left at 4:45. Took awhile, but all done. Made an appt. for my physical and promised to start taking my vitamins and calcium. I can't believe how fast a person can get out of the habit of taking medicines and vitamins. So tomorrow I start back in taking my vits. regularly. Phil gets back from Chicago tonight. He sounds tired.

Went to Barnes & Noble today and looked through knitting books. Yikes, there are so many beautiful designs and techniques. Oh, so many things to do, so little time. :O)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Knitting . . .

I went knitting today at TI. I was good to see everyone again (except Susanne who couldn't make it because of weather); but I miss the routine and I liked working there. It was fun knitting, though. :O) Hopefully I'll be able to go next week also.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dutch cocoa

It's such a cold and miserable day. I decided I needed something sweeter than my usual latte (grande, non-fat, no foam latte is my usual), but not too sweet. I knew a had a can of Ghirardelli cocoa, but for the life of me I couldn't find it. But I did have a can of unsweetened dutch cocoa (the powdered kind). I used 2 teaspoons of raw sugar and 2 teaspoons of cocoa, filled a super large cup to about an inch of the rim with milk, and put the steamer stem into the cup and steamed it to 160 degrees. To die for cocoa!!! Quick, easy, and exactly what I was wanting. Aaaahhhhhhh.


I made the Alton recipe for oatmeal last night for breakfast this morning. I knew Big Daddy would love it (it wasn't "num;" it was "nummola!"). Personally, I guess I'm just a Cream of Wheat girl because it wasn't that great for me. But I'll keep making it at night in the crockpot just for him because he loves it. :O)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Smile. I think I have to go to the bookstore tomorrow and get the latest contest book on MVFF: The Home Creamery. When my girls were little (Riann was a toddler), we lived down the road from a farm where they had cows. We'd take our bikes down the road and buy a gallon of brand new milk. We'd take our clean one-gallon pickle jar and they would fill it up. It was such an adventure for the girls and the price was really right--it was way less than a dollar--maybe 35-50 cents for the gallon. We'd take the jar home and put it in the refrigerator and wait for the cream to rise to the top. We'd dip it out and put it into the butter churn and begin the fun task of churning our own butter. It was really pretty easy and the girls loved helping. I'd usually make a loaf or two of bread that day and we always had strawberry-rhubarb preserves from the garden. It was a real treat! Funny how the years go by and you forget those happy, simple times. Funny, too, how the girls, as little as they were, remember those times fondly. I'm really glad we gave our girls good memories of their childhoods!
Good morning . . . or should I say good afternoon. Sunday . . . ok. I should have gone to church, but actually didn't feel all that great. Woke up with a headache and sore neck. I bought new pillows a month ago or so--could I have bought the wrong pillows. I think there's a study subject there. What makes the best pillow, and to whom? Think I'll do that research.

Now that I have the time. TI is history for now I guess. Maybe they'll call me back. I guess when they saw all the work my attorney had been generating their eyes got big . . . so maybe they'll see that they need to call me back. But in the meantime, I have an appointment with a headhunter Tuesday to talk about a corporate assignment (contract) that she emailed me about a week or so ago. Plus she says they have other openings as well. Plus Shelly from Snelling emailed me a few days ago and wanted to know if I was available. Funny how God opens other doors when one closes. To be honest, I think I'd rather go back and finish the five or so classes I have left to get my degree. Seems such a waste not finishing now that I'm sooooo close. And I guess either way I'll finish that up--even if I have to take some night or online classes. They're all literature classes, so that'll be fun.

Erin's coming over after church today so we'll probably have lunch with her. Tomorrow I think I'll do pretty much nothing--maybe get my hair cut. I also wanted to have it highlighted, but I'm a little afraid to have Patty do it as I've never really seen her coloring work. Think I might wait on that. :O)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I love my pink laptop. If I had my way, most everything around me would be pink. Did I ever tell you about when I decorated our (myhusband any my) bedroom. A girlfriend told me I should decorate our bedroom as feminine as possible because I'd love it, and a husband always feels like he's venturing into the "forbidden" when he comes into a feminine bedroom, which makes it sexier. I won't tell you how it's working, but I love my pink bedroom, with pink carpet, lavendar drapes, lavender drapes--you get the picture--pretty feminine. tehehe

Please . . .

Another day, another winner--and it ain't me. Seriously, though, I know I shouldn't be so greedy, but it's pretty dissappointing. Hopefully today will be my lucky day (or tomorrow at 7 pm)--because those seven skeins of wonderful creamy, dreamy white Cormo are just too, too luscious. I read the posts, though, and there was somebody who's pregnant with twins. In a way you almost hope she wins. But not really.

Ok. I cast on my stitches for the Lace Ribbon Scarf KAL I'm doing on Ravelry. Thank goodness for Susanne without whose help I couldn't have even begun to get started. This is going to be a challenge because the yarn is so fine and the needle so small. But I'm determined and I think once I get going on it it's going to be beautiful. It isn't until you start doing a piece that's really intricate and beautiful that you realize how rudimentary your knitting skills are--yes, I can knit, purl, increase, decrease, and make basic sweaters, vests, socks, afghans, and the simple stuff. But this scarf I think is really going to be beautiful and impressive. I was goin to call Shabby Sheep today to see if they had one more skein of the yarn--gotta remember to do that tomorrow.

American Idol was sweet tonight--there was a guy named Kai (sp?) who takes care of his sick mother during the day and is a musician at night. I hope he wins. He's the type of guy who really should get a break! And he's cute too.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New web site to LOVE

Ok. I just added Dye Dreams to my favorites. I LOVE the colorings of these yarns and MUST have!!! Check it out.

The eyes have it

I always think about it when I'm home alone and I close the door when I go to the bathroom. Am I afraid to leave the door open because someone will come in the house while I'm so exposed? Do I just feel more secure with a closed door? I think I answered my question this morning. Before I left for work I went to the bathroom. I intentionally left the door open. When I looked to my left down the hall I realized why I always close the door. Four eyes were watching. I'm convinced dogs have us fooled. I think they understand it all and are just smarter than we are. They've figured out how to have it all . . . we're such dupes, we humans. Four eyes watching . . . just standing at the end of the hall about 20 feet away. I could tell they knew what I was doing and just wanted to watch. Such voyeurism! From now on, the door gets closed!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Frogging again

Well . . . I pulled out the Baby Surprise sweater again last night. I found that I was using an 8 needle instead of a 6. Huh? How the heck did I do that??? I would have bet money I was using a 6. Anyway, I bought a 29" no. 6 circular yesterday to replace what I thought was a 16" 6 that I had been using, and realized when I was transferring the needles that I was using a too large needle. To be honest, it seemed really too big. Now we know . . .

In a way it probably is a good thing. I had wanted to chart the sweater as I went along and just didn't do it. But this time I'm charting. I'm about 15 rows into the new sweater (on the 6 needle) and it goes fairly fast. I'm watching the video as I go along (thank you, Susanne!!), so I should be able to get it fairly accurate. I'll pass it along to whomever wants it--we've got to keep these babies warm!

I've been watching for the MVFF lambcam to be up and running, but so far no. Poor Susan must be losing her mind waiting and waiting and waiting . . . poor girl! I wonder what the giveaways are going to be. I love a good contest and winning something is always a lot of fun.

I joined a lace knitting group yesterday. They're going to start a knit-for the newbys to help us learn what we're doin. Fun, fun, fun. Seems like a really sweet group of girls. Should be a lot of fun.

I have a gazillion things to do today, although I did laundry last night. I need to look for a new down comforter today--ours is just worn out. I might look for a new duvet too. I really do need an extra.

Ok. Gracie's at the door. Better go. YIPPEE. Maybe she's figurin out that we go OUTSIDE to potty!!! Geez! :O)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Burglar beware

I was surprised to get a call from the City of Garland today. I wondered: am I past due on my utilities? (no); do I have a book on hold at the library? (no); are my taxes paid? (yes) . . . so I called the number. It was Det. Williams with the Garland Police. Seems he had a couple of rings that he thought might have been taken in the burglary of my house in December--December 9th to be exact--over a month ago. Guess what . . . it was my jewelry. I came home and sent him a copy of the inventory of stolen stuff that I thought my husband had already sent to him . . . either it didn't happen or it was lost somewhere enroute. So he has that now. Apparently the suspect is a 39-40 year-old guy, has a LONG arrest record for burglaries, has been in prison three times for burglarly, and is currently on parole. Bond will be set at $50,000 on this guy when they catch him, so it's clear they want him behind bars and they want him to stay there.

Anyway . . . wish the important pieces had been found. But you never know. I still have hope. I told the detective that Phil want five minutes alone in a room with the guy when the catch him. Det. Williams laughed at that one. I tend to think he's like to participate.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome Gracie

Well, we went and got Gracie last Sunday. I wasn't at all sure if we'd made a good decision or not. She was sooo wild and was so unsocialized . . . it seemed she was too far gone to come around. But a week has made a whole lot of difference. She's healthier acting, is much much more sociable, and plays a lot now. We got her real steer bones at a feed store yesterday, and she's in "hog" heaven . . . she loves them! She got her first bath last night too. She was actually pretty darned good about it. Once she got over the shock of the whole thing, she actually put her head down on the side of the sink and relaxed. She hated the hair dryer, but actually enjoyed being wrapped in a towel and towel dried. She smelled SOOOOOOO much better. She actually might be able to stay now. :O)

I finally cut and sewed squares of the lavender fabrics I bought over two years ago for a quilt for baby Rowan, whose second birthday is about six weeks away. Hopefully my friend Carol will have time to do the machine quilting for me. Otherwise I'll be quilting myself on the machine, and that's not one of the strong suits. The blocks are looking gorgeous. I also threw in some purples and lavendars I used for Riann's log cabin quilt that I made some ten or so years ago. Really added a richness to the blocks. I'll probably have time tonight to sew the blocks together and the top will be ready to be quilted. I'll email Carol tonight and see if she can help me out.

I used my new seweing machine. Man, it's amazing what a nice stitch that little guy gives . . . especially when compared to my expensive White machine. Wow, Brother really knows what they're doing. I also ordered the PED add-on for the machine so I can download embroidery and monogram software from the internet. I saw one monogram I want to put on all my towels . . . about $20 to download the alphabet, but wow--how gorgeous.

I picked up and organized the opera room yesterday (remind me to tell you why my rooms have names . . . the opera room is my mess around room (studying, sewing, reading, etc.)). I have WAY too much yarn and just as much fabric -- way, way too much.

I also had about 40 rows done on the Christmas stocking I'm makin for Rowan but ripped them out. The top binding was too loose and looked strange. When I redo it I might use a 4 needle rather than the 5 being used on the body of the stocking.

Ok. I'm off to Ulta to get some Bare Minerals makeup. I'm totally out and MUST get some today or I'll look like a street person tomorrow.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Brand new baby

We brought home our new girl yesterday. I think she might have been raised in a puppy mill because she totally unsocialized--very nervous with everthing around the house, not housebroken at all, and really smelled bad (urine). But I think she was meant to be with us--we can love her soooo much (and do!). Went to bed with a bad, bad cold. Hope I feel better tomorrow. I cast on and knit two rows of Erin's grape colored Booga Bag. Also pre-washed the fabric I bought in December for the quilt. I bought a new rotary cutter a couple of weeks ago just for the occasion. I need to get with it and cut the pieces--plus I think I'll get out the lavender fabrics I bought right after Rowan was born for a baby quilt for her. Her 2nd birthday is coming up--that quilt might be a nice treat for her. The green one I made for her (just like the lavender) before she was born is almost worn out! Time for a new blanky.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I might have actually figured out how to post a block. Nice. Hopefully I will keep up with this since its' something I've been wanting to do for a long time! :O)

New Westie

Our sweet girl, Coco, was hit by a car and killed on Christmas Day. The driver was a neighbor who was speeding--if he had been going the speed limit (10 mph), my Coco would be alive right now. Of course, I feel responsibility too--I lad cracked the storm door to see if our daughter was driving up the street, and she and Mac pushed their way out the door. I thought they were after a squirrel, but when they ran around the house I knew it was a dog or a cat. But . . . nothing will bring back our sweet girl. We miss those sweet baby kisses, though, so are going tomorrow after church to get a new girl. She's halfway between here (Dallas) and Austin. The owner has one girl, and he's meeting us at a truck stop to deliver our sweet girl to us. I can hardly wait to see her! I'll post pictures soon!