Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Westie

Our sweet girl, Coco, was hit by a car and killed on Christmas Day. The driver was a neighbor who was speeding--if he had been going the speed limit (10 mph), my Coco would be alive right now. Of course, I feel responsibility too--I lad cracked the storm door to see if our daughter was driving up the street, and she and Mac pushed their way out the door. I thought they were after a squirrel, but when they ran around the house I knew it was a dog or a cat. But . . . nothing will bring back our sweet girl. We miss those sweet baby kisses, though, so are going tomorrow after church to get a new girl. She's halfway between here (Dallas) and Austin. The owner has one girl, and he's meeting us at a truck stop to deliver our sweet girl to us. I can hardly wait to see her! I'll post pictures soon!

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  1. So sorry to hear about Coco. Hope the new girl works out for you. Hugs.