Saturday, March 21, 2009

Taking a break . . .

Yikes. Now I know why I've put off cleaning the garage for so long. OMG. It's absolutely a huge job. Poor Phil just wants to take it all to Goodwill . . . and I want to have a yard sale and spend the money on Martha's Vineyard (our next vacation). I think he might almost be ready to pay me off (put mad $$ in my savings account just for me) . . . tehehe. Either way, it still has to be gone through and sorted, stuff thrown away, treasures put away properly. So . . . I just keep trudging along.

I wanted to go to Jacob's Reward work day today but just couldn't get it together. I'm beginning to want to spin--well, knit with my own homespun. We'll see. I'll call Ms. Cindy next week and see what she says.