Monday, October 5, 2009

What I did for summer vacation . . .

Thought maybe you'd like to read my first journal entry for my British Lit class, entitled "Journal 1: My Class Expectations and Goals:
"One of my treasured memories is of me curled up in a chair at my grandmother’s house reading a book. My own home seemed always to be too active, too noisy, and too stressful. I learned that I could transport to another world with words printed on paper and bound into covers that came alive in my hands; it was like holding the rudder of a boat sailing me away to a place I’d rather be. That same feeling of escape always felt more real when I was at my grandmother’s house where things were quiet, warm, and pleasant—the way I often imagined them to be in the books I read.

My husband thinks I should be working toward a degree. In a way I am, though I’ve gone about it in a roundabout way. Over the past 30 to 40 years, I’ve almost completed a two-year degree. With only five classes remaining toward that degree, it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine myself filling my elective slate with literature classes, since reading is what I love best. Over the years, British literature has been right up there at the pinnacle of my top-ten list of favorites. Hopefully, my expectations for this class aren’t too high. I do, however, expect it to be a fascinating ride that will carry me to new and exciting places.

There have been times during my life when I have considered myself somewhat of an intellectual, and I could imagine myself reading and discussing great literature. I have at other times, however, felt that my reading list was sorely lacking in some of the most important world literature. I own a beautiful copy of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. It sits on my shelf often looked at because it is so beautiful, but never read because it is so intimidating. My hope is that I will complete this volume during this class and not only love it, but be inspired by it.

British literature will be my main focus for the next 12 weeks. My goal is to spend most of my free time devoted to the study of it. I hope to be inspired by others and to, in turn, inspire someone."

You can grade it if you want . . .

British Lit . . .

I'm taking another class--British Literature.  Yikes!  I thought I was taking romatic British Lit.  Seems now I'm way in it (you know, the creek without the paddle) because it's ancient British Lit--Beowulf, Canterbury Tale, etc., etc., etc.  I love the legend of King Arthur; just not sure I'm ready to study it intimately.  Aw well . . . I'll keep with it and finish it.  Next time I register for a class, though, I'll read the instructions first.  Hahaha

Ramble Bawb

Well, the crazy aunties at MVFF are at it again.  Follow our antics at Ramble's Blogspot.  How crazier can we get.  Can't wait til he comes to Dallas.  I've got big plans for him . . .

What's in a name???

I hate naming my blog.  Won't somebody tell me what I should name it?  I've gone from A to Z, but I still can't come up with anything.  What thinks ye?