Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Every day is a new beginning . . .

Don't you love that about life?  Everyday we have the opportunity to start fresh.  Whether you're on a diet, gardening, reading a book, or have lost your way . . . tomorrow means you can start fresh again.  The garden sitting half finished is only waiting for you; the book you put down meaning to finish "tomorrow" is still open as though no time had passed at all, and your body will benefit from a good diet today as much as it would have yesterday if you'd only stayed on that diet.  All things are new again.

I've started keeping lists of things I need to do.  My schedule has become so crazy that even as little as I cook, sometimes the dishes get piled up; I vacuumed yesterday and thought I'd broken my Oreck because it was making crazy sounds (a quick look and pulling out big paper and tape pieces solved that); and poor Mac is looking pretty shaggy right about now (he needs his winter 'do and I just haven't had time to indulge him).

But I have been working on a new project close to my heart.  I've loved all things handmade since forever.  I've never not loved handmade things.  So the sensible thing to do, of course, is to get more love in my life by also making things for others.  So . . . I'm starting my own business--something I've wanted to do for many years.  I've been working like crazy to put together my web site, my merchandise, my business cards, my style.  And it's coming together. 

My first project unveiling will be project bags.  I love using them and want to give others the opportunity to own what I believe is just the best project bag out there.  And they're beautiful.  Lots of linens, cute cottons, some pockets, some embroidery . . . just a little bit of everything.  But they're all beautiful.  I've already sold several to friends who are using them as gift bags (why didn't I think of that?). 

So please bookmark my site at http://www.grandmatutudesigns.com/ and visit back very soon.  We're almost ready to unveil some beautiful things.