Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Little Red Plane . . .

Some things are just too good not to share -- right away!  Like this -- so cute:

More blessings . . .

Life has truly taught me to never expect smooth roads and always expect the unexpected.  Sometimes it's hard, though, to acknowledge and accept, and to remember, that God has a plan for us.  Yesterday was an awakening for me.

My sweet son-in-law hurried late yesterday afternoon from Fort Worth to go with me to retrieve my treasure--the weaving loom, so generously gifted by C.C. Young Retirement Home.  I had reserved a Uhaul with a drop ramp to make it easier to use a dolly to load and unload the loom.  At the last minute, I asked Steven if he thought it might be better to go look at the loom and develop a plan first--then we could go back Thursday or Saturday and pick it up.  He agreed, but was concerned about the length of time--I assured him that the building and the loom were safe until spring, when the building was to be demolished.  This is what Susan, at C.C.Young, and Hinke, with Dallas Weaving Guild, had both told me.  So I felt comfortable with this plan.  And Steven had never seen the loom--I wanted him to be comfortable with the "job."

You can imagine my surprise when Security opened the door for me at about 4:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon to find the room empty--literally empty.  Every ounce of yarn, every piece of equipment, every pin and measuring tape, every scissor, and my precious loom were gone. 

I was heartsick, disappointed, sad . . . devastated.  Everything was gone.  I had built up such anticipation and excitement for my new venture.  I really was devastated.  I came home and closed my drapes, turned off the telephone, and went to bed.  I was just disgusted and disappointed that someone could come in and crumble my plans up so menacingly. 

Enter insomnia. 

I'm probably not very different from others--when I awaken in the middle of the night in the dark and quiet, I think about stuff--I pray, I plan, I dream.  Last night was no exception.   And in the midst of my nighttime lamentations, a soft, knowing hand reached out and gently shook me.  But it was enough to get my attention.  In my disappointment, I'd forgotten the most important lesson of all--that God has a plan for me.  Sometimes it's the same as mine; but more often than not it isn't.  The secret is keeping my eye on the prize.  Earthly things can tempt us so.  We can forget so easily that this time here is only transitory.  And forget that putting too much stock in the doings of this world isn't always the good or smart thing to do. 

So . . . weaving isn't in God's plan for me today.  Maybe another day--but not today.  And maybe not tomorrow, or any other day for that matter.  But God has a plan for me and I'm joyful and thankful for it.  God knows something I don't--and his plan is better.  So, again, I'm blessed.  I'm happy, even have a feeling of excitement, knowing that God's plan is playing itself out through me.  So blessed!!!

Today I'm working on my "stuff" for the fantastic craft fair that will take place at Jacob's Reward Farm:

Please, please come and support all these fantastic artists.  I make great project bags, plain but fantastic soap, and other fun stuff.  And this group is totally, totally talented--we're talking non-amateurish totally professional stuff my friend!  Take an hour or so out of your Saturday that day to check it out.  There will be lots of food, entertainment, demonstrations . . . just a really cool day.  AND, maybe the best part, is that you can get a bunch of your Christmas shopping done.  Whew . . . wouldn't that be cool????  Have a huge dent done by Halloween??  Love it!!!

Keep the faith, sisters.  Sometimes it isn't easy to see the blessings, but I promise they're there.  God really does have a plan.