Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fiber play

This week has been a good fiber week . . .

I took a big load of stuff to Goodwill from the big garage cleanup, but when I got there, nobody was there to take the stuff.  So I texted Cindy and asked if she wanted company.  I was so glad I went a-calling, too, because she had picked up a huge bunch of fiber and I was able to get some gorgeous pink roving for spinning up for Rowan--in her favorite color!! 

I knit on Tuesday with my sweets friends from TI . . . and with sweet Debra.  I love that group.  I'm feeling the love Shannon, Gracia, and Debra.  I worked on the socks I'm making for Riann . . . the ones I don't think she'll like:

It's not that I don't think she'll like the socks and even the colors.  I just don't think she'll like them for her.  She wanted plain green socks . . . and these are not plain green and look a little juvenile.  I hope she likes them, but if she doesn't, that's ok, cause I do!!  =)

I went spinning with Debra and her Tuesday night spinning group--they are the sweetest, sweetest girls.  I had the best time!!  Honestly, I was sort of tired by the time I left, though, so I didn't spin the whole time--worked on my socks a dab too.  Love those girls, though.  Worked on some of the Colonial Teal I got from Cindy on Monday . . . really pretty stuff!!

Today I went spinning in the Colony with the Texas Twisters--darling, darling group of girls.  Every single girl there is super, super talented and each has a sweetness that really touches me!!!  I'm really lucky that I've met everyone of them.  There was birthday cake for me today and a big, big pile of birthday cards!!!  So sweet!!  xoxo

AND, of course, Miss Kay had more fantabulous roving.  When I looked at her fibers in her Etsy store, I thought I'd love Strawberry Gelato, and it is beautiful in real life . . . but I loved the Tuscany more!!!  I totally love the colors.

Kay has a second braid that I'll go get from her before I leave for Georgia.  The colors are so lovely . . . greens, yellows, lavenders, pinks . . . just really all Tuscany.  :o)

And here's the hat I've made from my handspun . . . my first handspun I might add!  It's a Jacob alpaca blend and was lovely to work with. 

And I found the perfect embellishment . . . a felted rose.  I bought the pattern tonight from Joanne (who I spin with on Wednesdays).  She designs beautiful patterns, so I bought three of them and am excited to get started with them!  But this rose will be a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e on this hat--don't you think?  Rose.  Darling, huh?
Also got this Baby sweater and this Tote!  Can't wait to make them up!!
And Miss Rowan had her first day at St. Christopher's Montessori School Monday.  By Tuesday she had her new BFF
Too cute, huh? 

Happy fiber journeys to you!!  xoxo