Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My favorite things . . .

I love Quince & Co.  One of the girls from the group I spin with, Texas Twisters, told us about this web site . . . their system is so beautiful and simple. 

(c) 2010 Quince & Co.

Going home . . .

I'm glad to say that tomorrow I'll leave Savannah to begin my trek home.  We'll drive through Macon, Atlanta, then through Birmingham and Tuscaloosa (Alabama), then on to Meridian and Jackson (Mississippi), Monroe and Shreveport (Louisiana), then on through to Dallas.  Not sure where we'll spend the night, but it's for sure a two-day drive. 

Savannah's been a lot of fun and I loved being here with Big Daddy.  Snuggling up on a queen-sized bed when we've only owned king-sized beds for years was interesting, but we managed to manage.  Not having a washer and dryer at my fingertips was a challenge for me, but I survived that too.  Lots of things have been different while I've been here, but I'm glad I came!!

Ta ta, Savannah!!