Sunday, July 4, 2010

The sheep need shade sale . . .

The sheep at Juniper Moon Farm are really suffering in the heat!  So . . . Susie has marked down all her sock yarn 25% and is having a The Sheep Need Shade Sale!  I happen to have several hanks of this gorgeous yarn and can totally recommend it!!  And with 25% off, I recommend you go for it big!!!  Have fun.  You'll be loving on Ernie (like me) by supporting the farm!!  xoxo

Savannah knits . . .

Friday, July 2, 2010 . . .

Today was an almost perfect day. I got online at McDonald's! I had a great latte! I drove across a bridge over “Moon River.” And I found the sweetest little yarn store ever:  Unwind Yarn & Gifts, 7710 Waters Avenue, Savannah (couldn't find their web site--loser is my middle name--LOL).  Although each and every event was pleasurable, I must admit that I felt right at home at the yarn store!!! Are you surprised???

I loved this little yarn store—well, it’s not really all that little. To compare (for my Dallas buds), it’s sort of a combination of The Shabby Sheep and The Woolie Ewe—not too big and not too small, not too packed, but not at all sparse either—and all the lovely, darling, beautiful things you expect to see at either place. They have a really great selection of yarns—I was very impressed.  Had to hold myself back—hard to do, but I had to keep from buying a bunch more yarn.

The owner, Leigh, was there when I arrived, and was so warm and welcoming. She told me a little about the history of the shop and about some of the groups that meet there. Monday is the night they stay open late for community knits—so I expect to be there Monday to meet some new friends. Don’t these couches look totally yummy comfy??? Can hardly wait!!

And although the store is closed on Tuesday, there is a spinning group that uses the store on that day. I can only imagine how much fun they must have locked up in a "candy" store like that!!! Not sure how to get invited to that group, but you can be sure I’ll be keeping my ears open!!

Leigh shared with me a little doo-dad she’d just gotten in from her trip to market—cutesy scissors!! To die for, huh? Yet, those are scissors!!

So how could I leave without something? So I bought the pattern for a darling pair of fingerless gloves that were on the counter—so totally cute! I thought they’d be darling made up in the red I’m dying for the Red Scarf Project—so my package will have the gloves and the scarf—so sweet! I'm going to make my first pair in some brown/tawny handspun (Cherry Hill).  Should be pretty--and such a cute pattern!  You can buy this pattern from Leigh at Unwind Yarn & Gifts (email: for only $4!!  It's called Picolina, and has a picot edge on the wrist, along the tops of the fingers, and the thumb--there's a heart on the top of the hand.  Just super cute.  I'll post a picture when they're finished.  Can't wait to see them in red!!  Too cute!
So, if you're in Savannah, go see Leigh, and happy knitting!  I'll be knitting and spinning away while I'm here!!