Monday, January 5, 2009

Brand new baby

We brought home our new girl yesterday. I think she might have been raised in a puppy mill because she totally unsocialized--very nervous with everthing around the house, not housebroken at all, and really smelled bad (urine). But I think she was meant to be with us--we can love her soooo much (and do!). Went to bed with a bad, bad cold. Hope I feel better tomorrow. I cast on and knit two rows of Erin's grape colored Booga Bag. Also pre-washed the fabric I bought in December for the quilt. I bought a new rotary cutter a couple of weeks ago just for the occasion. I need to get with it and cut the pieces--plus I think I'll get out the lavender fabrics I bought right after Rowan was born for a baby quilt for her. Her 2nd birthday is coming up--that quilt might be a nice treat for her. The green one I made for her (just like the lavender) before she was born is almost worn out! Time for a new blanky.