Friday, May 29, 2009

Last day of freedom

I got my wish. I wanted TI to call me back to work, and they did. I really have loved these past few months, total freedom, quilting, knitting, and reading at will, and my Fridays with Rowan. I'll miss those a lot. But if you have to work, which I feel I do, there isn't anywhere else I'd rather be than back at TI.

I'm almost finished with the helmet liner I've been making. Hope it's an ok fit for the person who gets it. I think I might be a little loopy, but I've prayed almost constantly while knitting it. It just might be inspired. I hope it keeps my "person" safe.

Ok. My last day of freedom--time for our nap (Rowan and me), then to the pool after our nap. I'm so glad it's a beautiful day!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

New pictures

Got a new battery for my camera (yay!). I'm not usually very successful at getting pictures of Mac and Gracie, but managed to get a good one of Mac first . . .

then a second picture, one of Gracie . . .

and they both turned out pretty good. Cute, aren't they???

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Turning over a new leaf . . .

I love reading blogs of others. So today I turn over a new leaf. I'll blog everyday from now on--even if it's just a line or two.

So . . . yesterday I became a shareholder of Jacob's Reward Fiber Farm. It's a local CSA located in Parker, TX. Cindy, the shepherd, is very sweet--that's one of the reasons I bought the share--I just love her so much, and I love what she's doing.

Cindy put on the perfect meetup yesterday at her place. There were maybe 25 or so fiber people there--knitting, spinning, dyeing--I felt so totally at home . . . these were really my people! Loved it!!

Here's a link to Cindy's blog--with pictures!! Here are a couple of pictures I took:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday . . .

Erin's birthday is today. We had lunch and had some lively, good conversation. I love being with her. She makes me feel really comfortable. I'm so proud of her and love her so much. She's a beautiful person. I feel really lucky to call her my daughter. God really blessed me when he sent her to us. I love you, Erin. Happy Birthday!