Wednesday, June 30, 2010

By popular demand and the great journey . . .

My public has spoken, and I have answered. Some of you have asked about my sweet addition to the family. She’s still a bit shy and hides quite a lot. But one of the few opportunities I had I snapped this photo of our new addition to the family, Maggie. Now I probably would have chosen a different name for this girl for a couple of reasons, but mostly because it’s the name of one of my human friends, who doesn’t remind me of a cat at all. But when I went to the animal shelter and saw this sweet girl, I (1) just had to take her home with me and (2) her name was already Maggie and (3) she’d been through enough change, so I wasn’t going to change her name too! So, here she is:

And she's a cutie petutie!! 

So . . . I'm sitting in a McDonald's right now because our apartment in Savannah doesn't have internet (or cable TV).  Big Daddy has decided to get on a cultural kick and bag TV (he's reading instead) and the internet (he's going to museums instead).  Go figure!!  So, while I'm in Savannah, you'll be hearing from me from the local McDonald's or Kroger's (where there's a Starbucks). 

We stopped in Vicksburg and there was a lovely Jewish cemetery--took this beautiful picture of a statue/headstone marking the grave of Carolyn and Samuel Schwartz, dod 1907 and 1923, respectively.  Really a lovely place.

The trip went great except for a batch of huge, huge rain, thunder and lightening somewhere between Macon and Savannah.  Not sure where I was, and seeing anything 20 feet ahead of you was pretty near impossible.  Extremely hard rain--as hard as anything I've seen in Texas. 

When we got to Savannah, we had to swing by the airport and pick up Phil's truck.  He parked there and flew to Dallas to drive back to Savannah with me.  It was a little scary for me because I was totally unfamiliar with everything and had no idea where I was going.  I was afraid I would get separated. 

But I got there--all in one piece.  Phil had told me there was a pond by the apartment, but here's a picture of it.  It's bigger than I thought it would be--more like a lake.

I had to go exploring a little this morning, and took this great picture of downtown Savannah--it's the gold dome that sits atop City Hall. It was a cursory tour today, but I'll get braver tomorrow and park the car and venture out some.

So life, traffic, stores, etc. are pretty much like they are in Texas--a bit fewer people for sure, though.  I'll post tomorrow.  I want to get downtown with my big camera (not the Blackberry, where these pix came from), and get some artsy stuff.  It's really a beautiful place.  Can't wait!!