Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I love my pink laptop. If I had my way, most everything around me would be pink. Did I ever tell you about when I decorated our (myhusband any my) bedroom. A girlfriend told me I should decorate our bedroom as feminine as possible because I'd love it, and a husband always feels like he's venturing into the "forbidden" when he comes into a feminine bedroom, which makes it sexier. I won't tell you how it's working, but I love my pink bedroom, with pink carpet, lavendar drapes, lavender drapes--you get the picture--pretty feminine. tehehe

Please . . .

Another day, another winner--and it ain't me. Seriously, though, I know I shouldn't be so greedy, but it's pretty dissappointing. Hopefully today will be my lucky day (or tomorrow at 7 pm)--because those seven skeins of wonderful creamy, dreamy white Cormo are just too, too luscious. I read the posts, though, and there was somebody who's pregnant with twins. In a way you almost hope she wins. But not really.

Ok. I cast on my stitches for the Lace Ribbon Scarf KAL http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lace-ribbon-scarf I'm doing on Ravelry. Thank goodness for Susanne without whose help I couldn't have even begun to get started. This is going to be a challenge because the yarn is so fine and the needle so small. But I'm determined and I think once I get going on it it's going to be beautiful. It isn't until you start doing a piece that's really intricate and beautiful that you realize how rudimentary your knitting skills are--yes, I can knit, purl, increase, decrease, and make basic sweaters, vests, socks, afghans, and the simple stuff. But this scarf I think is really going to be beautiful and impressive. I was goin to call Shabby Sheep today to see if they had one more skein of the yarn--gotta remember to do that tomorrow.

American Idol was sweet tonight--there was a guy named Kai (sp?) who takes care of his sick mother during the day and is a musician at night. I hope he wins. He's the type of guy who really should get a break! And he's cute too.