Thursday, September 23, 2010

My room français . . .

Those folks who easily and beautifully decorate are so lucky . . . so talented.  My sister, Sue, is one of those people.  She has that magic touch, eyes that really see, and impeccable taste.  She decorates with her talents. 

I decorate very differently.  Unlike my sister, and others who can look at a room and know where it should go, I am decorationally challenged.  You've been in homes decorated by people like me . . . boring, no great color combinations, furniture so badly put together that it can't even be call eclectic--it just looks bad.

Several years ago, however, I stumbled upon the most perfect, effortless, flawless method of decorating.  It's called "Theme" decorating.  You get an idea in your head of something you like, go to all the different stores and web sites you can think of that might have things that are in line with your idea, and shop like a madwoman (or man). 

Case in point is my guest room.  For years it was like a barren desert--forsaken, drab, dull--just a no-man's land.  That might be a good thing if you don't want guests to outstay their welcome.  Enter Theme Decorating. 

I took French in high school and, although I wasn't any good at it, I really liked it.  When my daughters were younger, I ordered an adorable Madeleine doll from, at which my daughters immediately turned up their noses--too juvenile, not cool enough, not a Cabbage Patch Doll.  My daughter, Riann, has been to France several times, so I've received several gifts from her from her travels.

Enter my room français--my French room:

One of my favorite pieces is a Limoges Perrier-Jouet Champagne coaster (I think there's another name for this little item, but can't recall what it is--can you tell me?).  It's just so French and so cute . . . really fits the "decor."
Then there's my Madeleine tea set . . . just the perfect size for my sweet little Madeleine doll.
This is a little blue glass Eiffel Tower.  Impressive?  No.  Cute?  Yes.  And, again, it fits the "decor."
And here's a doll my daughter, Riann, had in her bedroom when she was quite a bit younger.  I think she decided to leave it because I had a "French" room by the time she left home.
And here's a cute little souvenir from Paris.  Cute, huh?  Very touristy.  Behind the souvinour piece is and old, hand carved Père Noël that took up residence in my French room.
And of course, no French room would be worth its salt without a little art work.
And a Madeleine Limoges.
And of course, color is everything.  My French country means reds and yellows.  I found a Pottery
Barn pattern several years ago--I bought several duvets so I'd have plenty of fabric for
a balloon shade, a bed duvet, pillows, etc., etc. 
And cutsie things around . . .
And a memory shadow box that my sweet older daughter, Erin, left at home for the French room.  I added silk flowers to make it look more French.  Cute, huh?
Hope you enjoyed a tour of my French room.  Perfectly decorated?  Probably not.  But I sure like it!  Come visit sometime and you can try out the bed--it's good too.  

Au revoir.