Thursday, January 15, 2009

Burglar beware

I was surprised to get a call from the City of Garland today. I wondered: am I past due on my utilities? (no); do I have a book on hold at the library? (no); are my taxes paid? (yes) . . . so I called the number. It was Det. Williams with the Garland Police. Seems he had a couple of rings that he thought might have been taken in the burglary of my house in December--December 9th to be exact--over a month ago. Guess what . . . it was my jewelry. I came home and sent him a copy of the inventory of stolen stuff that I thought my husband had already sent to him . . . either it didn't happen or it was lost somewhere enroute. So he has that now. Apparently the suspect is a 39-40 year-old guy, has a LONG arrest record for burglaries, has been in prison three times for burglarly, and is currently on parole. Bond will be set at $50,000 on this guy when they catch him, so it's clear they want him behind bars and they want him to stay there.

Anyway . . . wish the important pieces had been found. But you never know. I still have hope. I told the detective that Phil want five minutes alone in a room with the guy when the catch him. Det. Williams laughed at that one. I tend to think he's like to participate.