Monday, January 19, 2009

The eyes have it

I always think about it when I'm home alone and I close the door when I go to the bathroom. Am I afraid to leave the door open because someone will come in the house while I'm so exposed? Do I just feel more secure with a closed door? I think I answered my question this morning. Before I left for work I went to the bathroom. I intentionally left the door open. When I looked to my left down the hall I realized why I always close the door. Four eyes were watching. I'm convinced dogs have us fooled. I think they understand it all and are just smarter than we are. They've figured out how to have it all . . . we're such dupes, we humans. Four eyes watching . . . just standing at the end of the hall about 20 feet away. I could tell they knew what I was doing and just wanted to watch. Such voyeurism! From now on, the door gets closed!

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