Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome Gracie

Well, we went and got Gracie last Sunday. I wasn't at all sure if we'd made a good decision or not. She was sooo wild and was so unsocialized . . . it seemed she was too far gone to come around. But a week has made a whole lot of difference. She's healthier acting, is much much more sociable, and plays a lot now. We got her real steer bones at a feed store yesterday, and she's in "hog" heaven . . . she loves them! She got her first bath last night too. She was actually pretty darned good about it. Once she got over the shock of the whole thing, she actually put her head down on the side of the sink and relaxed. She hated the hair dryer, but actually enjoyed being wrapped in a towel and towel dried. She smelled SOOOOOOO much better. She actually might be able to stay now. :O)

I finally cut and sewed squares of the lavender fabrics I bought over two years ago for a quilt for baby Rowan, whose second birthday is about six weeks away. Hopefully my friend Carol will have time to do the machine quilting for me. Otherwise I'll be quilting myself on the machine, and that's not one of the strong suits. The blocks are looking gorgeous. I also threw in some purples and lavendars I used for Riann's log cabin quilt that I made some ten or so years ago. Really added a richness to the blocks. I'll probably have time tonight to sew the blocks together and the top will be ready to be quilted. I'll email Carol tonight and see if she can help me out.

I used my new seweing machine. Man, it's amazing what a nice stitch that little guy gives . . . especially when compared to my expensive White machine. Wow, Brother really knows what they're doing. I also ordered the PED add-on for the machine so I can download embroidery and monogram software from the internet. I saw one monogram I want to put on all my towels . . . about $20 to download the alphabet, but wow--how gorgeous.

I picked up and organized the opera room yesterday (remind me to tell you why my rooms have names . . . the opera room is my mess around room (studying, sewing, reading, etc.)). I have WAY too much yarn and just as much fabric -- way, way too much.

I also had about 40 rows done on the Christmas stocking I'm makin for Rowan but ripped them out. The top binding was too loose and looked strange. When I redo it I might use a 4 needle rather than the 5 being used on the body of the stocking.

Ok. I'm off to Ulta to get some Bare Minerals makeup. I'm totally out and MUST get some today or I'll look like a street person tomorrow.

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