Sunday, January 25, 2009


Smile. I think I have to go to the bookstore tomorrow and get the latest contest book on MVFF: The Home Creamery. When my girls were little (Riann was a toddler), we lived down the road from a farm where they had cows. We'd take our bikes down the road and buy a gallon of brand new milk. We'd take our clean one-gallon pickle jar and they would fill it up. It was such an adventure for the girls and the price was really right--it was way less than a dollar--maybe 35-50 cents for the gallon. We'd take the jar home and put it in the refrigerator and wait for the cream to rise to the top. We'd dip it out and put it into the butter churn and begin the fun task of churning our own butter. It was really pretty easy and the girls loved helping. I'd usually make a loaf or two of bread that day and we always had strawberry-rhubarb preserves from the garden. It was a real treat! Funny how the years go by and you forget those happy, simple times. Funny, too, how the girls, as little as they were, remember those times fondly. I'm really glad we gave our girls good memories of their childhoods!

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  1. What wonderful times. It is funny how the things that are truly simple are the times that make the most colorful and enduring memories. Love it.