Monday, July 12, 2010

Ambrosia for breakfast . . .

We had breakfast at, of all places, Golden Corral.  Go figure, folks!!!  My husband has been telling me how great their food is.  Well, let's be honest here . . . I've been to Golden Corral before, and their food isn't "great."  Okay, yes.  Not great. 

Well, I stand corrected in this case.  The Golden Corral on Abercorn Street in Savannah is fantastic!!  I'm not sure what kind of ambrosia they're using, but everything I put into my mouth tasted like nectar . . . so tasty and well cooked.  I might have to go back and try out a lunch and/or a dinner.  I hope it wasn't a fluke and that all their meals are as good. 

Pleasantly surprised!!

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