Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello ocean . . .

Phil and I went to the ocean yesterday.  Not just any ocean . . . the Atlantic Ocean.  The first day I was here in Savannah, Phil took me to see the beach, but I didn't spend any time there and didn't swim in it.

Yesterday, however, I swam in the Atlantic.  Very different than the Pacific.  It has a different feel to the sand, a different pull to the tide, and it's saltier than the Pacific.  Phil and I agreed, though, that that's where the differences ended.  Every person we saw looked like they could have been on a California beach, every child digging and building sand castles looked familiar, and every volleyball game looked the same.  It was great fun.  I found a sand dollar in the sand at the bottom of the ocean with my big toe . . . I put it back in since they are living creatures.  It was fun to see one right out of the water, though. 

We stopped at The Crab Shack for a late lunch/early dinner.  While I'm not a great sea food lover, they had barbecued ribs that were out of this world, and Phil said the crab and shrimp was fantastic.  And it was a lot of fun.  We sat on the deck overlooking the water (I say water because there are so many rivers, creeks, inter coastal waterways . . . they all sort of blend together for me). 

We also were able to slip in a trip to Fort Pulaski.  This was where rifled cannons were first used . . . and I found out that the first baseball game in the United States was played at Ft. Pulaski. 

It was a memorable day! 


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