Thursday, August 5, 2010

Love a girl today . . .

Many of you are familiar with Ruth, the beautiful Great Pyrenees girl adopted by my friend, Cindy, at Jacob's Reward Farm, as a guard dog for her south pasture.  Since May, she's been firmly ensconced in Cindy's house and is still in need of a forever home.  And while she probably will never "guard" again, she is still one of the most lovable, sweet, beautiful dogs I've ever seen.  If you, or perhaps a retired parent or grandparent, would like a fantastic companion, please consider Ruth.  I'm convinced there's a family out there who needs her as much as she needs them.  Ruth is doing well now, but just needs a home--take a look at Cindy's blog for more information about Ruth:  I'll Love You Forever


  1. Thanks for helping us get the word out, Mary, about this fantastic girl. An added benefit: she's blowing her coat right now, and I'm collecting some wonderful fiber to spin!!

  2. Yay. I totally want to try spinning some of that. I keep threatening to keep Mac's fur from brushings, but haven't done it yet. I really should, I know. I'll add it to my bucket list. :o)