Saturday, November 27, 2010

Abandonment . . .

I can't stand the thought of someone coming to my blog and not seeing a new post.  I've been so lax lately--well, maybe lax isn't the right word--maybe distracted is more like it.  I have felt like I've abandoned my blog, though.  Too many pots on the stove to stir lately, and my blogging has suffered.  Yet, if you've ever journaled or blogged yourself, you know how therapeutic it can be.  I need to blog, and so, will blog.  Starting later today (I have to go spin now, but I won't forget you--promise) I promise to blog SOMETHING everyday!!  And I'm resolute in that.  Not sure if I'll blog here or on my web site or how that will work, but everyday I'll blog.  YAY!!!  Can't wait to visit with you all ever day!!!  Later.


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