Saturday, September 25, 2010

Many blessings . . .

Everyday I thank God for blessing me so abundantly.  And everyday I'm amazed (but never surprised) that God blesses me so abundantly.  Today was very rainy in Dallas--but our plants, lawns, and trees needed the water soooo much!  The skies were gray and overcast--a good thing because I couldn't find my sunglasses!  And the cool, clear air was clearly enjoyed by everyone--I didn't encounter one person on the roads today who was speeding and trying to run me off the road (hahaha).  Overall, I felt pretty blessed today!

I also was blessed by unknown people.  I attended the regular Wednesday Texas Twisters spinning get-together last week.  While I was there, somebody (was it Marlene? or Kate? or maybe Peggy? or Lori)--my recollection isn't clear who--let us all know that a Dallas nursing home was clearing out their loom room and was looking for homes for their looms.

Well, I'm a total fiber geek . . . and hand woven things are just about my favorite things (my favorite decorative piece at Christmastime is a table scarf that I put on the entryway table each year--and always hate putting away after Christmas).  So I made the right calls and found the loom room at the nursing home and WOW.  It was love at first sight.  Hard to believe that had these looms not been claimed by new homes they would have been plowed under when the building is demolished next year. 

There were eight looms in the beginning--there were three left when I went this morning to look at them.  I met a darling Lisa, who claimed one; a Parker lady will be claiming the second; and I was BLESSED to be the recipient of the third.  Of course, at such an auspicious event, cameras are a must---right???  And I managed to remember to take mine with me.  Only problem is that I was so excited today that I didn't take a picture. 

However . . . here's a picture I found that looks very similar to mine, except the ratchet wheel on mine is much, much larger:
The wood is darker on mine.  But it's large like this one--the biggest one they had remaining.  I wanted the bigger, and most sturdy of the bunch, because I'd like to be able to make rugs.  And not only can I use yarns to weave rugs, scarves, blankets, etc., but I can also use strips of fabric (this is what my mother made rugs with when I was a child) to make sweet, woven rag rugs.  Cute, gorgeous, divine!!  Can't wait!!!

Here are a few of the things I came home with:

Gobs of beautiful yarns,
 Lots of shuttles and spools,
 and several excellent books.

And a cute, cute, cute little bench.
 I'll try to get to the nursing home tomorrow with a truck to pick up my sweet loom.  Truth is, I probably shouldn't be calling it "my" wheel until I get it home and tucked into its special place I've picked out for it . . . but I'm so tickled, I can't resist.  And whether my sweet loom makes it to my house or not, C.C. Young Retirement Center still must be applauded for their impressive act of generosity! 

And again . . . I've been blessed so abundantly!!



  1. Jackpot, Momma!!!! You deserve it!!

  2. Wow. Just Wow. Not often do I not have a lot of words. Wow