Friday, July 9, 2010

The Savannah saga continues . . .

I just feel so super lucky to be able to go to places away from home . . . see other cultures, see where history happened, see different art works.  Savannah has turned out to be a good experience.  And we were able to go to Charleston, SC on Monday, the 5th.  It's just a two-hour drive from Savannah.  Wow . . . that city has really gone the distance to keep the historical integrity intact.  The churches, cemeteries, old houses--just really a lovely place. 

A house on Battery Street--Charleston Bay waterfront.

Lovely courtyard of house on Bay Street

Charleston Bay / Cooper River

Another sweet courtyard in Charleston

And of course, no trip to Charleston would be complete without a look at Ft. Sumter . . . this is where the first gunfire of the Civil War occurred.  Because the island was the subject of artillery for about four years there's little to nothing left of the original fort. 

So today I'm at my local McDonald's--I always get a friendly greeting from the people who work here.  Very sweet people!  And the Internet service is great--so far. 

I'm going to The Gypsy Quilter today to check out their new Gypsy Sit Upon.  These are supposed to be good for bad backs--hope it works!!  I'll check it out and let you all know.

I've been pretty busy--fiber busy, that is!  I continue to work on the Speckled Shrug--will it ever end???

I thought I was really making progress on the 44 inches long instruction . . . eek . . . alas, I had only done 28 inches.  So I have a ways to go.  Sure glad I bought three balls--I just tied on the third ball last night!  I'm using Marble Chunky in a colored called Majesty--purples and navy blues.  Very pretty I think. 

And I've been having a blast with my Spinderellas fiber.  It spins up like a dream--is so soft and yummy!!!  I'm so totally glad I got this.  It's going to make a beautiful jumper (vest) for GrandpaTutu!!  I was originally going to make something for myself, but he totally loves the color, and I know he'll love the fiber (gobs of alpaca in it!!).

Divine or what?

I also was able to get some gorgeous Colonial from my friend Cindy at Jacob's Reward Farm--and although there were two separate colors (dark eggplant and dark teal), I plied them together, and came out with a totally gorgeous Sock/DK yarn. 

I decided the Baktus Scarf was perfect for this weight, and I wasn't wrong at all!!  I ended up with 438 yards, so I have plenty.  It's going to be gorgeous I think.  (if you aren't a Ravelry member and want this pattern, let me know--I'll post it for you.

I've also got all my Cherry Tree Hill roving spun up . . . the color was Tawny Fawn, and so, so beautiful.  Not sure yet what I'll make with this . . . I'm not inspired to make anything yet, but I'm sure I will be.  I'll let you know.

So . . . blessings on you all today.  Keep cool, and see you soon!


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