Monday, July 26, 2010

Red socks . . .

When I was at Apple Leef Farm awhile back, I bought some undyed sock yarn intending to throw it in the dye pot when I dyed my Red Scarf Project.  Keep in mind that I've had my undyed scarf yarn and the dye for quite a long time . . . well, since Susie Gibbs announced the project back in May. 

I tightly twisted the two hanks of undyed Panda Bamboo/Wool/Nylon.  I soaked them for an hour or so before putting them in the dye pot.  Wow . . . the red is there, but so are about a gazillion other shades from the lightest toe-shoe pink to the brightest watermelon.  In fact, my granddaughter was eating watermelon as I was photographing the yarn, so I put her bowl of fruit next to the yarn so you could see just how similar they are.  Beautiful . . .

I can absolutely say that this is exactly the color I wanted . . . I just wonder if I could ever replicate it.  Do you think?

I can hardly wait to start in on my variegated red/pink/coral socks.  Yum . . . they look good enough to eat!!


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