Wednesday, July 14, 2010

LaQuinta here I come . . .

We left Savannah (well, Georgetown, really, since that's where our apartment is) at around 9 a.m.  We drove to the Savannah/Hilton Head airport and left Phil's truck there since he'll be flying back to Savannah and will need to have his car there to get home. 

We had breakfast at Pooler, GA, near the airport, and filled up the car.  We managed to get on the road by about 9:30.  We drove through Macon, on to Atlanta, Talladega, through Birmingham, on through Tuscaloosa, and arrived in Pearl, Miss. (just east of Jackson) around 8 p.m. 

We stopped for lunch/very early dinner at a little town in Alabama--Bessemer.  You must remember that our track record with Cracker Barrel is horrible . . . so stopping there was a real stretch.  You see, it seems that every time we enter the doors of a Cracker Barrel, the cook goes on strike, they run out of food, all the staff has gone on break , etc. . . . you get the picture, huh?  Well, today it turned out fine . . . thank goodness.  Food was good, service was good, bathrooms were clean . . . wow!  What a treat!!

So we drove about 625 miles today--enough.  We're at The LaQuinta at Pearl, Mississippi (just east of Jackson).  We've had very good luck with LaQuinta, so it seems to have become our inn of choice.  It helps being a frequent user, also. 

So . . . tomorrow we begin again bright and early.  We have about 400+ miles to go, so we should be there before dark.  I'm excited to get home . . . to my own bed, my sweet Mac, and my adorable kitty, Maggie.  Hope they remember us!


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