Friday, June 25, 2010

TGIF . . .

It was great today having Big Daddy home from Georgia.  We'll drive back together in a few days and the girls will take turns staying at the house.  But it was nice having my best buddy to do stuff with.  He had an early appointment with the doctor, but when he came home we went grocery shopping, went to the bookstore, had lunch together, went to the vet's office to pickup flea and heart worm med refills for the Mac Man, went to Shabby Sheep for more of that which shall not be named (yarn--oops, there I go saying it), and driving by Rowan's new school to scope out the joint. 

I'm sure we all have memories of our childhoods . . . well, not all fond memories . . . but there are things we remember fondly--right?  One of Phil's favorite memories is going to his Aunt Nira and Uncle Gene's farm.  He talks about the horses, the meals Aunt Nira cooked, and just reminisce about stuff that happened during that time in his life.  One of his fondest memories is of Aunt Nira and Uncle Gene's dog, Shep.  In fact, one of his favorite sayings to our dog, Mac, is that "Shep wouldn't have left a scrap of that in his bowl," or "if Shep were about, nobody would have gotten away with that," etc.  So, you can imagine his surprise, and a sort of happiness, when we were shopping for dog food today and he found . . . unbelievably . . . the Shep brand of dog products.  I couldn't resist a picture for posterity . . .

Don't you just love it!!

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