Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh, oh, oh . . .

I had such fun at Jacob's Reward Fiber Farm yesterday. What a great experience. It's hard to say just what I enjoyed the most because it was a multi-sensory experience. There's so much to talk about . . . the coffee was excellent (Cindy, you're my kind of girl); Cindy was so welcoming and warm and approachable--I think she's my new best friend; the Little Red Barn was cool and smelled so good; Smokey was soooooo sweet--she purred and cooed at me several times; Peggy, Linda, and Holly were fantastic (how blessed am I to have the opportunity to meet such fantastic, creative people???!!!); the spinning went ok--I certainly need to practice, but I think this is something I could get used to); the fiber was FABULOUS--yikes, the barny smell on some of the fleece was so out of this world perfect!!); the sheep were adorable; the new alpacas are so beautiful--they fleece is so different than I thought it would be like--I loved it--I think Micah is my favorite :o); and I think Zacchaeus is my favorite--and I love the name of the breed: BABYDOLL!!--how adorable is that???

Ok. So I can't go on forever talking about this and that--all over the map. I think I'll go on to the party, but I also think I need to blog later in depth about all the stuff I love about JRFF--stay tuned for that.

But the party for my birthday/father's day was so much fun!! Erin was there--she got ready for her date after dinner and Ryan, her date, picked her up here--he's such a nice guy. We've known Ryan for many years (he's Steve's best friend), and we've always liked him. Anyway, Erin was there, Steve and Riann and Rowan were there, and Phil and me. Phil barbecued chicken--he did a great job on it--it looked and tasted like it had been roasted, not grilled--and it was fabulous. We had watermelon, macaroni salad, potato salad, cherry pie, New York cheese cake. And we swam a LOT. Rowan loves the water--we all do, but she really likes it. I like that she shows her enthusiasm for things. Riann shows her enthusiasm, but I think Rowan gets that more from Steve. When he enjoys something, he enjoys it with gusto. Riann is a little more subdues. Anyway, Rowan really shows her enjoyment. She also finished her acrylic painting she's been working. It's drying now, so when it's dry I'll frame it and give it to Riann and Steve. They'll like that. I think the next painting we do I'll pick one group of colors and let her go with that group only. This one is a mix of ALL colors and it's great, but think I'll try just groups next time.

Ok. Gotta go. I know this is so rambling. I'll post more maybe later and tomorrow for sure. Got things to do, though--like SPINNING my green/blue fiber!!! Yay!!

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