Sunday, June 14, 2009


What a crazy girl she is. She runs up and jumps into my lap, laying her chin on my chest, and looks at me adoringly. She continues with that posture forever . . . just keeps staring adoringly. Really strange. Every once in awhile she'll dart toward my mouth or my nose with her nose/mouth--and she has little pointy hairs around her mouth, which stickers/tickles me. She's a crazy girl.

She loves being in the pool. She'll go the side and act like she's going to jump in. She can hardly wait for me to put her in my lap. She'll sit in my lap floating around the pool for hours if I let her. She's just as happy as a clam. But I'll push her off once in awhile to let her get wet . . . she swims away, turns, and circles around to swim back to me--only to get back into my lap to float around some more. Again, though, she'll lay her head on my chest and look up at me adoringly. Sheesh . . . very strange.

But we had a real victory today! I've been trying to walk her for weeks and weeks. But it was more like her being dragged around the neighborhood on a leash. She just refused to budge. I was afraid I was going to skin the bottoms of her feet (or her bottom) or choke her to death. Everybody has told me to just keep walking her and she'll figure out she's going to have to walk to get me to quit dragging her. Well, tonight she walked--she really walked!!!!! I jiggled her leash a couple of times to keep her moving along, but I didn't have to drag her AT ALL! Isn't that unbelievable??? Yesterday I dragged her like a bedraggled stuffed animal, and today she walked just like a real dog being walked--she pranced just like the pretty girl she is.

I'm really happy for her. I think she'll enjoy her walks with Mac (he's crazy about his walks and is like a machine . . . his little legs just keep on truckin'). Big daddy will be glad they're out walking more too--makes for fewer piles of poop he has to clean up in the back yard. Yay!!!!

So everybody's happy!!!

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  1. What a great breakthrough! I once was owned by a basset hound and I thought he would never ever agree to walk on a leash. Didn't help that with those long ears and sad face I felt like a real heel