Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today . . .

I went to Steffanie's farewell dinner tonight. I'll miss her alot. She opened the bookstore and I've been working every Sunday morning opening the store at 8:30 a.m. since. I'd pretty much made up my mind around the 1st of December that it was time for me to take a hiatus . . . I needed some space for awhile. I didn't know when I'd decided to do that that Steff would be leaving the bookstore. So I hope Cindi, the new manager doesn't think she's the reason I left the store. However, I haven't really left--I'm working Tuesday morning after the men's Bible study so the guys can shop after Bible study. I think Cindi was glad I volunteered. She's a sweet hearted person who I think will do a great job.

I most knitted today. I'm still struggling with the baby surprise sweater. The KAL starts tomorrow, so I think that'll help ALOT!!!

Gracie is the best dog ever. She's so sweet and loves us so much. She's doing really well about pottying outside. I'm really glad we have her!!

Ok, I'm outa here. I'm tired am it's time for bed!!!

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