Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The calm "after" the storm . . .

You've heard the old adage: "the calm before the storm." Today is the calm "after" the storm. We had such storms, thunder, lightning, wind, and destruction last night. Thankfully, our neighborhood was spared; but not all were so lucky. I watched on the news this morning many people unburying themselves from the destruction. And today . . . well, it's beautiful . . . as though God gave us a great bath. The sky is beautiful, many trees and bushes are budding, and I can see the grass in my backyard greening up. The weatherman said it would be windy today, but all I see is a mild breeze. It's good to be alive.

I went to court this morning for the property hearing for the burglary of our house . . . well, not really the burglary, but the three measly pieces that were recovered from the 100+ pieces stolen. The only thing I can say is that my paltry cache is great considering I could have gotten nothing back. Thanks to the alertness of Det. Williams at the Garland PD, I feel really blessed. Sad that none of the heirlooms were recovered. But what was recovered will just have to be the beginnings of new heirlooms. :O) I just wish now that Allstate would get with it and cover the rest of the losses . . . should be several thousand dollars I would think. I hope.

I had a full day yesterday . . . worked at the bookstore at Christ Church at 7:30 a.m. -- it was opened so the guys from the men's On Point Bible Study could do Valentine's Day shopping. We did a great business and the guys were really grateful their gift purchasing dilemmas were satisfied.

Came home and made beds and emptied the dish washer before going to TI for knitting with mien buds (by buddies). Gracia's scarf/stole is looking really pretty (oops . . . I just remembered I offered to mail her dishcloths for her--sorry Gracia); Shannon's hats are ADORABLE for her two nieces (one already here, the other still in China but destined for her new family here in the U.S.); and Susanne socks are so great (thank you, Susanne for the sweet Valentine--you're the best!); and Sally, who couldn't knit because of a meeting she had to attend--but so sweet of her to at least swing by and say hi!

I finished the section I needed to complete for the Baby Surprise Jacket KAL and did a couple of rows on my Lace Ribbon KAL. I'm glad I was able to get more of the SWS--and the different dye lot makes no difference at all because of the variations in the coloring (YEAH!). I'm almost finished with the dog bed I'm making from a $1.00 closeout kit from Tuesday Morning. It's made out of chunky velour "yarn" and is two blues. Rowan was cute when she was examining the blues . . . the light blue was "for Gracie" (the puppy), and the dark blue was "for Rowan." I might have to get more of the dark blue and make something for Rowan.

I started cleaning out my closet yesterday. What can I say . . . it's a BIG job and will probably take the better part of the week. I have WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES--and most of them don't even fit me anymore. Please!!!!!!!! This cleaning out is long overdue!!! Wish me luck!

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